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Who is Dawf for?

Filmmakers using: (I wrote Dawf for my son, youth filmmaker Ben Kadie of Slugco Films).


  1. Dawf uses a standard Windows installer. Download and install "Dawf.msi" from the Downloads page.
  2. Add Dawf to the Vegas Tool Bar
    1. Start Sony Vegas
    2. Select menu items "Options", "Customize Toolbar"
    3. Scroll down the list of "Available toolbar buttons" until you see Dawf
    4. Press the "Add" button.
    5. Press the "Close" button.
    6. You'll see the Dawf.png, Dawf's button, on the toolbar.


Usage Overview

Dawf encourages you to "sync then edit". You bring all your video and audio clips into a Vegas project. Sync them with PluralEyes. Replace bad audio with good with Dawf. Then edit your video. If you want, you can copy and paste clips from one Vegas project to another. Dawf does not change the original video or audio clips on your disk; it just changes which audio is associated with which video on the Sony Vegas timeline.

Usage Step By Step

Suppose you are a filmmaker with a folder full of video clips from your DSLR. These have (relatively) bad audio. You also have some audio files from your external recorder. Because you left the audio recorder on between video takes, you have fewer audio files, but many of them cover more time. Finally, you use Sony Vegas Pro on Windows and already have PluralEyes from Singular Software. What do you do?
  • Open Vegas
  • Drag or import the video clips on to one or more tracks.
  • Drag or import the audio clips on to their own track.
presync.jpg postsync.jpg
  • Push the Dawf button to replace the bad audio with the good. If you only want audio replaced on only some clips, select those clips. Vegas' undo function can undo Dawf's actions. In the illustration, you can see the change in the waveforms.
  • If you're now ready to edit, you can delete (or turn off) the good audio track. You can also copy clips and paste them into another open Vegas projects.

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